Maintaining your Boulder, CO trees throughout the year can significantly benefit homeowners by saving them the hassle of removing dead or infected trees.

Fall is a GREAT time to fertilize trees. If you have trees near your house that you really enjoy, consider fertilizing them have them ready and thriving in the spring.
Prune your fruit trees anytime from December to February to ensure their pruning cuts that are compartmentalizing will be healed prior to peak insect population times. Often you will see WINTER DISCOUNTS many companies will offer since it may be slower this time of year. If you have a tree that you would like to remove but it’s not bothering anybody at the moment, wait until winter and possibly save 10-15%.
Summer is the time when everybody is outside and everyone notices all the trees and plants on their property. You may just be seeing some broken branches from that heavy spring snow or noticing that one tree that has been waning and waxing is finally on the fritz. This is the time when the majority of people will address something on their property from having it be visible whatever the issue may be either trees that need trimmed or removed. Summer is a great time to prune trees. Summer is a great time to a remove tree.

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