Wondering if you should have a tree removed?

There are many reasons to remove a tree from your Boulder, CO residential yard or commercial business:

  • The tree is dead
  • Declining health--the branches or top of tree is dying back; large dead branches; decay on the main trunk.
  • Major storm damage and the tree is beyond repair
  • Tree is too close to the house or other buildings, utility lines, play structures pools etc.
  • The tree is leaning towards and obvious target--house, driveway, patio, play area or pool.
  • Its become a nuisance--dropping seeds, sap, branches, and block views, light and inhibiting lawn. See below for an outside link about lawns.
  • Roots pose a serious threat to foundations, driveways and sidewalks, or underground utilities.
  • View clearing
  • Major landscape renovations that would either damage trees, or because a tree is not well matched to its location.

If you're looking for tree removal services in the Boulder, CO area, Muscle Tree & Landscaping, LLC is here to help! Call us today (720) 470-7493.

Still Unsure? Schedule a Tree Assessment

The benefits of getting your trees assessed by an ISA Certified Arborist are many and will always leave you with peace of mind knowing you are being proactive and optimizing the landscape around you. Our tree assessments can range from an intensive, data driven evaluation of a high risk tree that may be threatening a house or human, or we can provide pruning schedule along with monitoring plant health care for your Boulder, CO property.