Ensure Your Trees are as Healthy as Possible

How do you know if your Boulder, CO trees have mineral deficiencies?

The most common sign for mineral deficiencies are shown by the color, or discolor of the leaves. In urban environments, soils can range in PH due to introduction or lack-thereof nutrient matter on the property. An optimal well balanced soil environment will be aerated, watered often enough to prevent drought-like circumstances for trees and plants along with being fertilized in the spring and fall. This will ensure that the right amounts of necessary elements like magnesium, sulfur, manganese, calcium and iron along with many others are present for your trees and plants.

Protect Your Boulder, CO trees From Disease by Regular Tree Injections

Tree injection is the process of drilling into the base of the trees’ xylem tissue and through the use of pressurized liquids sends different solutions directly into the tree where it can be spread to every branch. Many trees may be suffering by some condition that is treatable with the use of a tree injection system. Although most people in Boulder County are defending against the Emerald Ash Bore, you can also stimulate new healthy growth along with combating existing fungal or bacterial infections causing dieback, cankers or stunted growth.

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