Did Someone Yell “Timber”?

Say “goodbye” to trees on your Boulder, CO property

Are there trees on your Boulder, CO property that just need to go? Whether you have one tree that poses a risk during thunderstorms or a lot of trees that need to be removed for a construction project, you can count on Muscle Tree & Landscaping, LLC to get the job done.

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We’ll fell any tree

We’ll fell any tree

Do you need to remove a tree growing right next to a house, one that’s been struck by lightning or the largest and tallest tree you’ve ever seen? We have the experience and equipment to take it down. Our methods and services include:

  • Crane removal – we use cranes to take on larger projects
  • Technical removal – we can remove trees in hazardous or hard-to-reach places
  • Fire mitigation – we set up your property to avoid harmful effects of wildfires
Choose Muscle Tree & Landscaping, LLC today to safely remove trees from your yard in the Boulder, CO area.